View Full Version : SOLD: NEW Vortex Viper PST 4-16 FFP mil/mil scope, also Seekins 35mm low rings

05-16-2011, 4:26 PM

After waiting 15 months my Vortex PST backorder is here... and I no longer need it.

It's the 4-16x first focal plane mil/mil version.

Brand new, only removed from the box to play with it. Has never been mounted in rings or installed on a rifle-- it was just fondled by myself and a couple of friends this weekend. None of them wanted to cough up the coin for it and I don't feel right returning a scope that I've handled and played with to the vendor so it's now listed here.

Great reticle, knobs feel and sound extremely positive and firm.

There is still a substantial backorder on the PST FFP mil/mil models. This one is available right now. :)

Asking $780 including shipping and discreet paypal fees or $750 for a FTF cash transaction.


Also, from playing "shufflescope" between multiple rifles I also have a pair of 35mm Seekins low rings that I no longer need. Still in near-new condition.

Asking $100 including shipping & paypal fees.


PM me if interested. I'm near Lodi, CA.

05-17-2011, 3:13 PM