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05-15-2011, 10:45 PM

Impact Weapons Components announces our latest sling mount, designed to provide a Central Sling Attachment Point (CSAP) at the rear receiver when a UBR by Magpul is installed on the weapon. The CSAP provides a centered connection point, designed for Magpul's MS2 Sling and HK Hooks, directly behind the receiver to facilitate weak side transitions.

IWC's Patent Pending one-piece CSAP Receiver Key replaces the UBR's original Receiver Key, QD Cup, Screw & Washer, saving weight, improving reliability and functionality of the weapon.

IWC's CSAP design allows the UBR to retain all of it's original functionality, from closed to fully extended.

Price: $34.95 + $3.95 S+H


The idea for this product came from a veteran who served in the United States Navy, Mr. Ron Groves, who approached IWC's table at a gun show in Denver, Colorado last fall. IWC would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to Ron for his help and assistance during the design, testing and prototype phases of this project. Without Ron's honest feedback and dedication to finding a solution, IWC could not have brought this product to market. THANK YOU RON!

Here's Ron's story, as posted tonight on other Forums:

"Guys, let me first state that I'm not a professional product reviewer so please bare with me. I'm just a Navy vet and current enthusiast that brought an idea to IWC and was lucky enough that they took it seriously and brought it to market. Let me know if you have any questions about this and I'll answer what I can.

Let me preface this product review by stating that prior to approaching Earl about making this part I had never had any dealings or affiliation with IWC.

I approached Earl at a Tanner gunshow a few months ago out of frustration. I, like many of you Iím sure, was disappointed that Magpul did not incorporate any sort of ASAP functionality into the UBR. When you have a flagship stock youíd think that youíd design it to take advantage of your flagship sling.

I was tired of the binding and unbalanced feel of transitions with the side mounted sling swivel on my UBR and figured it wouldnít be a difficult task to remedy the issue. When I spoke to Earl he immediately said that IWC would gladly look into it and get a prototype created. Yeah, weíve all heard that before, promises that would likely be forgotten within five minutes of me stepping away from their table.

Thatís why I was so surprised when I next spoke to Earl that they had a prototype and wanted me to meet up and check it out. It was a slick design, but both Earl and I agreed that there were clearance issues and perhaps a simpler solution would be best. A few months later we met up to check out revision two. It too had a few issues, a little binding and while smaller, it still had clearance issues. While impressed with the engineering and effort being put into this solution I was concerned that the challenges with clearance were too great and that any solution would just fall a little short of expectations.

That was until he called me to check out the third prototype and eventual production model. It was a very simple design, no moving parts, no bells or whistles, but most importantly, no clearance issues. A simple piece of milled aluminum with a loop to accommodate the quick-release hook of an MS2.

Installation is simple, remove the quick-disconnect swivels from the UBR, slide off the aluminum bracket and replace it with IWCs mount. It takes about 2 minutes and no special tools or gunsmithing. The marriage of the IWC sling adapter and the UBR is perfect, if the piece I had wasnít raw aluminum Iíd swear it came that way.

Once I hooked up my sling and let my rifle hang I knew we had a winner. With the centered hoop and no oblong swivel my rifle hangs the way it was meant to, not wanting to twist, not unbalanced in any way. Transitions are now seamless, itís utterly flickable. I donít need to run my sling super loose to be able to throw it from shoulder to shoulder. This is how the UBR should have been made.

Thanks to Earl and all the people at IWC for sticking with and delivering a great solution. Iíll be running these on all my rifles from now on and will definitely be recommending them to anyone who runs a UBR.

When I wrote this the unit was still in the prototype stage and still didnít have a name. I recently met with Earl to swap out the proto unit for the first production unit. The unit is now named the CSAP and is already available at http://www.impactweaponscomponents.com/product/c-s-a-p-mount-n-slot/ and they also have a QD model so if youíve been waiting for this as I have, you should check them out."

We'll have pics up this week.