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05-15-2011, 8:34 PM
Sold again....Selling a DSA 1/9 chrome molly 11.5" barrel. Has exactly 220rnds through it. Has a small "pit"(Don't know how it got there? Kinda looks like a chrome flake, but I don't believe it's a chrome lined barrel) about 1.5" down from the muzzle. It's not gonna effect anything, but it is there. I bought it to build a XM177, until I realized the flash hiders for them only come out to 4.3" So that didn't work. I then had one made based off the BE Meyers .50 flash hider. But I bought a completely different upper, and this has been sitting. The barrel has been painted black(It's holding up really well) It is "Colt" gray underneath. Has Colt "fat" M4 h/g's that are off my old colt(There pretty beat up) no delta ring. The last upper I saw that was a DTI sold for $325shipped with just a flat top receiver with it. So I would like to get $200shippedOBO Located in MI

The flash hider is NOT included. But, I will include it for $50(Great deal) It's made out of 416 stainless steel, and has a bad coat of BBQ paint on it, just to see how it looked black. I took a picture of the bad side(Where the mill skipped up on one of the prongs) It will make the barrel legal length if you wanna make it into a rifle.

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SOLD paid by pay pal including the requested 4% 8:56 PM 5/16/11
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