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12-03-2006, 2:00 PM
I am going to order an upper from CWS and I can't decide between the CMMG 16" medcon or the Rock River Arms Car A4. the CMMG has the 1/7 twist the RRA has the 1/9 twist. would like to use surplus ammo but will be handloading also. This is my first (and only) AR build and would like some opinions.:D

12-03-2006, 2:07 PM
The 1/7 twist will take the heavier bullets further out. Are you looking to kill cans and pumpkins or are you looking to shot it a long range targets?

I have 1/7 stuff in my safe but surplus ammo and the heavier black hills stuff is getting spendy and we might be stuck with 55 grain American stuff unless the war comes to a screaming halt.

If you going to be using iron sights only Id look at the 1/9.

Blacktail 8541
12-03-2006, 3:52 PM
The 1/7 will be better for heavy as 6172 crew stated, but if you are only looking to shoot the lighter stuff go with the 1/9.

12-03-2006, 4:03 PM
I have the RRA and have had 0 problems with it. Only good things to say! :)

12-03-2006, 4:06 PM
They are both good. Get whichever one you want more. You will not be disappointed either way.

12-03-2006, 4:59 PM
Thanks guys I went with the CMMG as i think I will utilize the 1/7 twist more. I like the thought of loading heavier bullets for longer range

12-03-2006, 6:52 PM
The following is off the cmmg website, does anyone know which of the following features the RRA does or does not have?

"CMMG semi auto bolt carriers have the shrouded firing pin to protect against hammer wear. Upper receivers are "T" marked and include extended feed ramp cuts. Features include medium contour barrel, 11 degree recessed target crown, chrome-lined 5.56mm chamber and bore, 1/7 twist, parkerizing under F marked forged front sight base and magnetic particle testing on every barrel."

12-03-2006, 8:00 PM
I'm planning on getting an LMT because I want a 1/7" twist. I don't have any experience yet with either one, but I see myself wanting the ability to fire farther with heavier ammo.

Blacktail 8541
12-03-2006, 8:33 PM
The barrel on the RRA is different. They are listed as heavy barrels. And I believe that they are only available in stainless.

12-04-2006, 7:26 AM
I have the 16 inch CMMG medcon upper and love it...

12-04-2006, 10:33 AM
I also have a 16" Medcon and love it. I have never shot the RRA but I can tell you, you wont be unhappy with the CMMG.

12-04-2006, 10:37 AM
CMMG is one of the top-notch AR houses in the country.

Small enough to give great service, and attention to detail even while growing nicely. It seems they are doing barrels for certain FN guns *for FN* now, which is a good sign of 'seriousness'.

This company is growing out of a 'boutique' vendor status and doing seriosu production...

Their chrome-lined AR barrels are known for very good accuracy, and they don't cut corners on their ARs (4150 bbl steel, F-marked front sight base, chrome lined and MPI'd barrels, MPI bolts, coatings under front sight base before FSB is affixed - unlike Bushy!, etc.)

CMMG was one of the earlier companies to actually ship in their lowers directly to CA FFLs (without intervening non-CA FFLs). For that "F U" to the DOJ they deserve some biz....

12-04-2006, 10:52 AM
+1 for CMMG. It's my pleasure to do business with CMMG. Their inventory system is pretty accurate. Their products are high quality.

However, RRA is also excellent. Just bad for dealers (profit margin is low now). :)

12-04-2006, 11:35 AM
CMMG is great. I would recommend them.