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12-02-2006, 4:07 PM
Walther P88 SOLD
Walther P88 full size in an easy 96%+ condition.

Fully ambidextrous controls. Slide release, decocker and mag release on both sides of the pistol. Easily the smoothest double action trigger pull I've felt. Single action trigger pull is match quality. Like butter. It even has adjustable overtravel.

A modern marvel of German over-engineering. I truly wish I didn't have to sell this, but strapped for cash.

The P88 full size is much rarer and more desirable than the Compact. This is an early gun as well, with a serial number of #0030xx.

$900 F2F PPT in the San Francisco-San Jose-Martinez areas. If it does not sell here it goes to Gunbroker starting @$1000.

Pictures were taken with a flash, and any areas that look white are actually blued. It's just the flash.


================================================== ==

Early 1964 production Chinese Type 56 Police Carbine in Unissued condition.

This is a collector's grade SKS. Pictures were shot outside, though the lack of good lighting required a flash. The rifle looks nicer than pictured.

This rifle has the Chinese Police stamp on the right side of the receiver.

Early type with Soviet-type Blade Bayonet. Serial #81660xx, Milled trigger guard, screw in barrel. This is the highest quality and most accurate SKS the Chinese ever produced. Still has cosmoline in the mint unfired bore, in the gas system and on the bolt. It's pretty rare to find one in this condition. Out of my personal collection. I've owned it for probably 10 years and it's still unfired.

It only has a tiny import mark of "KFS ATL GA" in small letters on the left side of the receiver, no LARGE awful import mark, and is not caliber marked either.

I'm willing to travel to anywhere in the San Francisco-Morgan Hill-Martinez triangle-ish area to do the transfer...

This is NOT a C&R, it must be transferred through a FFL. Sorry for any confusion.

SPF $275 FTF, +$15 shipped to a FFL.

I think this is a good price for a collectors grade SKS. I will not be disappointed if this does not sell.


No primer ring on bolt face, interior has never been cleaned off. Cosmoline still intact.


IF you purchase this FTF, I'll include a chest pouch with 280 rounds of mixed Russian and Norinco steel core on stripper clips for an additional $50 (it's mostly Russian ammo). This ammo is not for sale to anyone other than the purchaser of the rifle, so please do not ask. I cannot ship ammunition.

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12-02-2006, 4:20 PM
I'll definetely buy this when I have the cash Xeno... I hope I can scrounge enough together before someone else snaps this up.

12-02-2006, 4:23 PM
SKS, I'll Take it

PM Sent

12-02-2006, 4:35 PM
ack, a little slow here...

If either of the above gentlemen don't end up taking the SKS then I will.

12-02-2006, 4:37 PM
It's actually a Chinese Police SKS as well. Which makes it even more rare.

BTW, this is NOT a C&R. It must be transferred through a FFL.

12-02-2006, 7:39 PM
pm sent on p88, if not spoken for I'll take it.

12-02-2006, 8:32 PM
It's yours. Sent ya a pm back.

12-08-2006, 1:53 PM
Is the SKS available?

12-08-2006, 9:28 PM
I whish I had seen the SKS sooner...

I actually have an SKS collection. That was a GOOD buy!