View Full Version : 308 \ 7.62 AR style rifles....any legal to buy in CA?

12-02-2006, 2:02 AM
Are there any 308 \ 7.62 AR style rifles (with a detachable magazine) that one can still be purchase in California?

I realize you can buy an M1A, but are there any others? Can you still buy an Armalite AR 308 rifle?


San Diego

12-02-2006, 2:59 AM
You have at least 5 topics in the top 6 topics in this forum and you only have 8 posts. Try to consoldate your questions to a single post, or use the search function. There is nothing wrong with asking questions, but if you have a dozen questions about what is legal, then create a topic and ask the 12 questions; don't create 12 topics asking a question in each one.

To answer the question in this topic, the M1A is probably the best removable magazine variant right now. There are other rifles, but most are either non-semiautomatic or require an alternate loading method, like stripped clips. An M1 Garand rebarreled in .308 might be more your speed if you don't want to get the M1A but want something semi-auto with fast reloads. Another option is to get a Vulcan Har-25 (AR-10 clone) and build it without a pistol grip and/or with one of the pistol grip variants available here on calguns to comply with California law that would allow the use of the removable magazine. Also, the Armalite AR-10 is an assault weapon in California by name alone so you can no longer purchase them in this state.