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05-13-2011, 11:24 AM
Dear Loyal and Respected Friends of the CRPA:

Last year we fought hard and enjoyed VICTORY at the State Capitol thanks to your support and CRPA’s refusal to retreat from defending your Second Amendment right. Among the onslaught of anti-gun legislation in 2010, three bills that struck at the heart of the rights of gun owners were DEFEATED: AB 1810 – the registration of rifles and shotguns, AB 2358 – the expansion of ammunition registration, and AB 1934 – the handgun open carry prohibition. Your CRPA worked tirelessly to defeat these oppressive bills, in addition to a many others, and to support legislation of benefit to gun owners. The grim reality, however, is that although we won the battle in 2010 we cannot let our guard down in 2011. Your gun rights continue to be under attack by the anti-gun zealots at the State Capitol. The anti-gun effort is always present, lurking behind closed doors, backed by deep pockets and powerful interest groups – they work relentlessly to strip you of your right to own and use firearms.

THEY ARE BACK AT THE CAPITOL AS YOU ARE READING THIS, AND WE NEED TO CONTINUE TO KEEP THEM ON THE RUN. They are simply ruthless, and they won’t take no for an answer. They have introduced a blitz of anti-gun legislation for 2011. Here’s just some of what they have planned for their agenda this year. If these bills look familiar, they are. Unbelievably, these are three of the same or similar bills we defeated last year! SB 124 (http://www.crpa.org/_e/page/1544/SB124.htm) (de Leon) – Registration of rifle cartridges, AB 809 (http://www.crpa.org/_e/page/1529/AB809.htm) (Feuer) – Registration of rifles and shotguns, and AB 144 (http://www.crpa.org/_e/page/1525/AB144.htm) (Portantino) – Ban on open carry of unloaded handguns.

So it is time to launch another assault! In 2011, the CRPA will continue to take action and demand that the voice of firearms owners statewide be heard by politicians in Sacramento. We are surrounding the anti-gun movement on both sides. In addition to gearing up to fight this year’s anti-gun legislation, the CRPA launched a counter-attack at the capitol. CRPA again co-sponsored a package of pro-gun and pro-hunting bills that includes:

AB 613 (http://www.crpa.org/_e/page/1528/03AB613.htm) – (Hagman) Handgun ammunition registration repeal (in support of the AB 962 court decision)

AB 1046 (http://www.crpa.org/_e/page/1530/05AB1046.htm) – (B. Berryhill) The Hunting Preservation Act in California

SB 269 (http://www.crpa.org/_e/page/1545/08SB269.htm) – (La Malfa) Requires an audit of the dealer record of sales account (DROS account)

SB 313 (http://www.crpa.org/_e/page/1547/10SB313.htm) – (Correa) Amends DOJ roster to allow sale of older model handguns

Do you trust all California legislators to fight for your fundamental RIGHT to keep and bear arms? Think again. Just imagine what it would be like if you had no one advocating on your behalf at the State Capitol. How long would it be before your personal freedom to own a firearm would be completely taken away? You have a voice working for you in Sacramento when critical decisions are being made on your Second Amendment right. The CRPA’s full-time lobbyist is at the State Capitol on a daily basis ensuring that your right to own and use firearms is vigorously defended.

Make sure that the California Legislature knows that you are watching their every move on gun related legislation and that you won’t allow your Second Amendment right to be stripped from you!

JOIN FORCES WITH THE CRPA AND HELP US OUT FLANK THE ANTI-GUN EXTREMISTS BY MAKING A GENEROUS DONATION TO THE CRPA LOBBYING PROGRAM! Invest in the future of your Second Amendment right. Don’t let California and your Second Amendment right become a victim of the gun-ban zealots. We need your assistance now, more than ever. Even if you have never made a donation to the CRPA before, now is the time. Together, with your personal and financial support, we can fight against the gun-ban effort. YOU CAN BE SURE THAT EVERY DOLLAR YOU DONATE TO THE CRPA STAYS IN CALIFORNIA TO FIGHT THE ANTI-GUN FORCES IN CA.

Please Donate (http://www.crpa.org/_e/dept/14/Keep_Anti_Gunners_on_the_Run_Stop_Anti_Gun_Bills_S B_124_AB_809_SB_798_AB_144.htm) to Keep Anti-Gunners on the Run!