View Full Version : Opinions on the Mossberg AR?

05-11-2011, 6:12 PM
This just seems sooooo inexpensive....what do the masses say about this rifle...seems like an awfully good deal. $240 for it? Makes me consider it...


05-11-2011, 6:39 PM
It doesn't look bad from far, if you go to mossbergs site you can see a bigger picture and the cheaper polymer construction. Everything is screwed on with like phillips screws. Just looks cheap. Like the stock tube, screwed on, so it's non standard. Can't upgrade the tube, but maybe the stock if that tube is a standard size. Also the lower you can't see any pins, so possibly the lower is not AR compatible so no trigger upgrades. That safety looking switch on the mag area looks weird, plus it has like a shotgun button safety. Overall, up close it looks sorta cheap. If you don't care about that and just want a cheap 22lr, then it might be ok LOL. Mossberg makes other 22lr. so i don't think it can be all that bad functionality wise, but this first cut doesn't cut it to me for a tacticool 22lr.

05-11-2011, 7:50 PM
American Rifleman had a write up a few months ago about tactical .22's, including this. They said it was the lowest priced available, but a good value, as well.

05-11-2011, 9:19 PM
Definitely not compatible with standard AR parts, so you're going to be hurting if you want to upgrade it or go "mall ninja" with it.

The upper is not a flat-top... there's no rail under that carry handle.
Looking closely, it appears that the upper and lower are one piece, so breakdown for cleaning is not going to be as quick and easy as an AR.

For the price? It's a hell of a gun for one of the kids.
For something more serious (if you can call any AR22 "serious"), I'd go for a Colt Umarex, or a conventional build with a CMMG upper (which is what I did with my CGN Bear lower).

Kinda funny that Calguns pioneered the Bullet Button and OLL movement, and neither of my Calguns lowers have a BB... one is a 20" featureless 5.56, and the other is the .22lr. My featured rifle is an LRB lower.

05-12-2011, 6:27 PM
Looks cheap as hell. But more often than not you get what you pay for. I read that article in American Rifleman. It was the least accurate out of all of them, if I recall correctly.

I think it would be a great toy for the kids. Adult rifle? No. Save up and buy a 10/22. GSG. Sig. Colt. FN. one of the good .22 plinkers.