View Full Version : Assist needed from reloaders for research

05-10-2011, 7:52 PM
Hi all:

I need to get a quantity of 2-3 pieces each of the following:

9mm FMJ bullets in 115gr, 124gr and/or 147gr
.38 Leadnose bullets ... any weight
.40S&W bullets in 165gr and 180gr
.45ACP in bullets in 230gr
10mm bullets ... any weight
.22LR bullets 40gr or bigger
.223/5.56 bullets 55gr

I only need the projectiles themselves. Buying all of these in typical quantities is cost prohibitive, as I do not yet reload. I am happy to pay a small fee + any postage.

Please PM me if you can help.

05-10-2011, 7:57 PM
Where exactly in N.Cal are you?

05-10-2011, 8:05 PM

.22, 9mm, 40, 45, 223, 308

05-10-2011, 8:15 PM
10mm and .40 use the same bullets.
.22LR bullets will most likely have to be pulled from a live round as the .22LR round is not usually reloaded.