View Full Version : should i buy SKS for 130?

11-30-2006, 10:27 AM

I have a chance to buy three yugo SKS for 130 each. one is M59. the other two is 59/66. do you think its worth the money to purchase all of them?

the M59 is all matching numbers. little bit of pitting. stock looks pretty good.

one of the 59/66 has all matching numbers. little bit of pitting. stock is excellent condition.

the last 59/66 does not have matching numbers. little more pitting than the other two. stock is pretty beaten up. this one would be perfect shooter.

for me to purchase the other two SKS, i have to buy the non-matching number sks too.

should i buy all three SKS or should i pass on the deal? what are your thoughts?? thanks.

11-30-2006, 10:28 AM
i would say if you have the means, buy all three then a few more just in case...

11-30-2006, 10:30 AM
i would say if you have the means, buy all three then a few more just in case...

since the price of 7.62x39 is going up, do you think the price of SKS will go down?

11-30-2006, 10:32 AM
Not likely.

If those are CA versions of the 59/66 than $130 each is generally about dealer cost. Anyways, at that price, I don't think you can go wrong.

11-30-2006, 10:45 AM
IS 7.62x39 ever gonna go down? The prices are almost as expensive as 556.

11-30-2006, 10:48 AM
Cheap 7.62x39 non-corrosive commercial ammo is about $0.15 per round now. It was $0.09 two years ago. The other non-corrosive ammos are even more expensive. Can you find other calipers non-corrosive ammos for less than $0.25?

11-30-2006, 10:50 AM
M59 are awesome .... That is a GREAT price.... at Turners M59/66 are running $199 ... and I'm noticing little by little they are going UP.....

11-30-2006, 10:55 AM
Why not get 2 very good to excellent condition rifles, it seems like it would be about the same price?

Unless you are looking for "beater" rifles or need to have 3 for some particular reason I would spend my money on 2 better grade rifles. Unless a little bit of pitting is to be expected even on the better grade SKSs available now?

How much can you sell the worst condition rifle for now? Unless a new shipment comes in you can probably sell it for 100-130$ by itself after a year or two.

11-30-2006, 10:57 AM
If you have the funds around I'd probably buy them unless the bores were really worn.

It never hurts to have a stash of SKSs and it's pretty tough to find an SKS at those prices here in Cali.

What's more important than a dark bore is the condition of the rifling. If the rifling is still decent and fairly sharp chances are the rifle will deliver. Guns that were used with corrosive ammo sometimes have bores that don't look shiny and new...but as said above, shine is less important than rifling.

Could also check the muzzle on the M59.

Maybe you could buy all three and see if the seller will knock a few bucks off the worst 59/66? Offer 360 total?

But at 390 if they're serviceable it's still a good deal...and I assume this is a PPT so you're not paying tax and FFL/DROS is $35...also not bad.

11-30-2006, 11:00 AM
Yes, yes, yes, by all means get Yugo Simonov-pattern rifles!!

11-30-2006, 11:07 AM
It never hurts to have an extra sks and a few hundred rounds stashed somewhere.

they also make good loaner rifles for buddies who are too cheap to buy a decent rifle.

11-30-2006, 12:10 PM
by the sounds of it, i should buy the rifles. the guy wants to sell all three of them together. it will be 390 + dros.

i'll call my friend and buy them. once i get them, i'll post of pics of it. thanks for your input everyone!!!!!