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pennys dad
05-09-2011, 6:34 PM
NEWS!!! Calguns, CRPA, Appleseed - Working Together

Hi Everyone
I hope your day was excellent

I would like to announce some AWESOME, AWESOME News!

This year at the 2011 Raahauges Sport Shooting Fair Calguns, CRPA and Appleseed will be working together, Expressing our Common Goal and message to the Californians attending the Raahauges Sports Shooting Fair.
The idea is at Raagauges 2011 Sports Fair all 3 organizations (Calguns, CRPA and Appleseed) will have individual booths up and running, nothing new here right, well the “Working Together” comes from each booth having flyers and hand outs from each organization, talking points from each organization at each booth and if it can be worked out a Volunteer from each partner organization.
What we are trying to do is show Californians that we share a common goal and message and although we have different methods of getting there, in the end it all serves the same purpose:

Preserve the Rights we have, get back the Rights we have lost and Remember How we got them and Where they came from.

To recap Appleseed, Calguns and CRPA will each have a booth at Raahauges Sports Fair. Each booth will have hand outs, flyers and other items important to the partner organizations. Each organization will have Talking Points about their partner organizations and if possible each booth will have a representative from each partner organization working in their booth spreading the combined message.
Please keep perspective we are not trying to merge, we want to keep the individuality of each organization intact so we can enjoy having different groups to choose from while still working towards the same goals.
One thought, in order to make this successful all 3 organizations will need Volunteers to work the booths, learn the talking points and get involved. So if you are interested and have a connection to one of the three partners (CRPA member, competitor or other, Appleseed Red hat, orange hat, blue hat, rifleman or other, and of course Calgunner’s, or some combination of the 2 or 3) send me a PM and I will connect you with someone that can get you scheduled.
Folks “We” need your Help! We need Volunteers, We need You so We can Help All of Us! Please Volunteer 

Enjoy the Sports Fair, support your California Shooting Organizations and participate

Cya on the Trail
Aka: Pennys Dad

We Need Volunteers! Raahauges Sports Fair Calguns Booth - June 3,4,5

Welcome to the Calguns Booth for the Raahauges Sports Fair
Brought to you by Calguns and Retired
We Will Need Volunteers - Calguns Shirts Will be supplied to all Calguns volunteers.

Corona, Ca.
Date: June 3-4-5, 2011
This is a 3 day event and we will need:

Friday the 3rd: 12 to 6 we need at least 1 volunteers
Saturday the 4th: 10 to 5 we need at least 3 volunteers
Sunday the 5th: 10 to 6 we need at least 3 volunteers