View Full Version : Fast shipping and great service

05-09-2011, 10:42 AM
Big THANK YOU to Rainier Arms. I'm helping a friend with an AR build and recommended Rainier Arms for some of the parts (barrel and upper receiver). He found the parts on the website, and Rainier Arms had them in stock. Two days later, and a very small shipping fee, parts are in hand and Rainier Arms has earned the trust of a new customer. You should see this guy running around the office bragging about how awsome Rainier Arms is. In addition, I am proud to have recommended a company and they exceeded any and all expectations in great customer service. I'll continue to recommend Rainier Arms and use them myself when I need quality parts and quality service. Thanks again Rainier Arms.

The funny part was, the morning his parts were delivered, he came to my desk and mentioned that he hasn't heard anything about his order being received or processed. I told him not to sweat it. It's only been a couple of days and they're probably busy with a gun show or something. Some companies only process and ship orders one or two days a week. Some companies have a lot of orders to fill, and you have to wait your turn. Either way, I assured my friend, you'll get your parts. Sure enough, by the time he was concerned about an e-mail confirming his order was processed, he had his parts in hand.