View Full Version : SoCal LEO paintball team needs players for WSPF Games

05-09-2011, 4:18 AM
Hey guys, I'm reaching out to the LEO members here for possible recruitment to play in the paintball tournament portion of the Western States Police/Fire games this June. I know its short notice but if you meet the criteria and would like to play, PM me so we can get some practice in. Basically we already have a team but our 5th player isnt as reliable as we want and and we need to get someone with more experience anyway (and possibly 1 more as an alternate). We are an Orange County based team from agencies within OC and IE. We are planning 1-2 more practice(s) at SC arenas before the tournament. This is why experience is a must.

Entry Requirements:
Full time sworn Officer or Deputy or Firefighter. These are the WSPFGs rules not ours. So Reserves, Aides, Cadets, Records, Dispatchers or Custody staff cannot participate. :(

What we are looking for:
-Someone with tournament paintball experience (XPSL, PSP, NPPL etc)

-ability to pay entry fee and pay for your own paint

-local (OC , LA, IE areas)

-ability to come practice may 22 and possibly may 29 (sundays)

- your own gear is preferred but we can scrounge some up if absolutely needed.

The tournament is June 6,7, and 8th. Its 5 man format NPPL rules. Tournament will be at SC Village.

05-09-2011, 2:22 PM
hows it going cpl? i play for a all Marine n Navy team called Marine Team 1. if you guys ever need a team to scrimmage against we play at camp pendleton every weekend. except may 21st weekend we'll be in chicago for nppl. we play d2 7-man. i think i remmeber you from 4th lar you checked out a few years back correct? wish i was a leo to help you guys out but maybe after another deployment.

05-10-2011, 4:29 AM
yeah, i got promoted to sgt but was injured so i was not able to mobilize for the deployment. by the time i was fixed they didnt have any space for me for the deployment so i checked out since i was non ob at the time.

i havent played at at CP in years. i'll let you know if we need a team to scrim. thanks! good luck in Chicago!