View Full Version : .38 super & 9mm Loads for 5 in bbl 1911

11-29-2006, 9:11 AM
I am looking for some info on very accurate loads for the .38 super and 9mm both to be shot from 5 in bbl 1911s. Also I have a rcbs progressive and am looking to replace it with a dillon 550 what are your thoughts?

11-30-2006, 11:47 AM
9mm 147gr. Zero, 3.4 grains TITEgroup My sig loves this load. Nice and light but accurate.

38 super 160 Gr. wilson LRN, 6.0 Gr. Bluedot 1.250 OAL Works in my 1911

12-07-2006, 11:42 AM
thanks. I have gone through about half a dozen load manuals and loaded up about 500 rds of various loads in 9mm and will try your recommendations. As well the 38 super I had a guy from my club give me some ammo to shoot and at 10 yds i could cover the one hole 8 rd group with a dime offhand. I got his recipe. 7.1gr V V 3n37 124 gr montana gold jhp and win sm rifle primer. I have about 200 loaded and am duplicating the load also with V V n340 and see whats best.