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05-07-2011, 5:41 PM
I finally decided to upgrade my Glock 17 from the plastic factory sights to some night sights. After hours of reading reviews I decided to go with the Truglo TFOs. My local gun store had them on sale for $99 installed so I went ahead and pulled the trigger. They shoot point of aim, so I'm pretty happy with the install job.

I have to say that they are very bright. I also have to say that they are HUGE. They did not look that big in the package.

I compared them to the Novak-Trijicons on my 1911 (fresh 2011 set) when I got home. Here are my impressions (for what its worth).

1. They are very bright in any direct sunlight and indoors. This shot was taken at about 6:00pm with no lights on inside.

2. They are HUGE. The front site is really long. This could be an issue with it hanging up on some holsters. It's fine on my Bladetec and SERPA but it scrapes on my Bianchi Black widow (but I use that holster mostly for my G19).

3. In total darkness they about the same brightness as the Trijicons, but the diameter of the vial/pipe is larger. This makes them a little easier to pick up in total darkness. Here they are side by side.

Overall I'd give them a B maybe a B+.

05-07-2011, 6:07 PM
I have some for my m&p 40
Yet to put on
Nice pics
They do seem the brighter of the ones on the market. And larger. The trijicons are quite a bit smaller (have on the wifes sig 229)

05-07-2011, 6:51 PM
I have them on several of my Glocks. They are bright and easy to pick up and nail on target. $99 installed is a GREAT price...!

I bought mine online and installed them myself. (I have a site pusher)

I have a set on each of my 2 GLOCK 29s in 10MM. I've run 1000 rounds of max hot loads thru the GLOCK 29 with NO PROBLEMS from these sites.

(Years ago they had an issue with a small production run where the vials were moving because of recoil; that problem has been solved)

I have other weapons with normal Trijicon sites...and yes, the Tru-Glos are bigger and brighter. Kind of spooky at night sitting on the nightstand:D just
glowing bright as can be.

I like em.


05-07-2011, 7:16 PM
Do you have any issues with the front sight hanging up on your holsters? I'm pretty happy with them so far, but I am a bit worried about using them with non-kydex holsters.

05-07-2011, 7:22 PM
Nice sights, Ironically 3 days ago I was also over at Faith Armory and adam told me about the $99 sale on the Truglo's. Seriously wanted to get them for my new G17 but have a hard time justifying it now as moneys been tight.

Now what can I sell.....

05-07-2011, 8:39 PM
That's were I got them, Faith Armory. Nate installed them for me (he also sold me the Glock last year, and a 1911 in March). I love that shop.

05-08-2011, 9:16 AM
I have them on my G23, absolutely love them! Extremely bright, easy sight acquisition...