View Full Version : How to make your 10/22 look less cheap for cheap

05-07-2011, 12:13 PM
Many of you saw my M1 carbine replica stock refinishing thread, and so will know that I am currently waiting roughly a million years, give or take an ice age, for the pure raw linseed oil to cure.

I am much too impatient for all that to wait to shoot my new Ruger 10/22, but I am also too embarrassed to be seen with a gun that looks so chintzy.

Really the Ruger is a very nice rifle, but is let down in a few areas of the fit and finish. Namely, the finish on the stock and that horrible shiny plastic butt plate.

Here is the account of my solution to the problem, without breaking the bank.

First, a few supplies.


I chose the Real Milk Paint company's pure natural Tung oil. This is the real deal folks. I had previously tried some hardware store bought Minwax "tung oil", and was badly disappointed. The stuff set up as a hard plastic like shell. And it stinks. The wood I put that stuff onto still stinks like toxic chemicals two months later. The Real Milk Paint tung oil has a mild, sweet smell. Four applications later, I was happy with the color. The finish was very dull however. A little bit of Tom's 1/3 mix fixed that right up.


The tung oil seeps into the wood differently according to grain and whatever other factors I know nothing about. It really makes for a pretty finish that highlights the natural artifacts of the wood. Tom's 1/3 mix put just the right amount of shine on the surface.

For the butt plate I just did one thin coat of this "hammered metal" spray found at the hardware store. It doesn't really look like metal, but it does look like a massive improvement over the factory plastic.