05-07-2011, 8:40 AM
I am building a midlenght rifle.This is going to be my second rifle . My first one is a Stag model 1 I bought complete via Lanworldinc, i got the Stag in 2008 (panic buy). I don't know anything about AR-15 then, now i know a little bit and that is through CGN.THANK YOU! And now on my build I got the BCM lower (blemished) from G&R tactical. Its not bad, it has a very small ding at the corner where the extension goes. I got the one w/o stock, will install Magpul ACS, I already got that.And I got lucky with the BCM BCG. The The CH, Iam going to use the standard for now. I already installed a LMT fixed backup sight. And the other day I received my BCM BFH barrel assembly mid-lenght,fixed front sight, now my question, is the triangular handguard cap standard on mid-lenght barrel? I will pick-up my lower next week. Iam just going to read your input guys, Iam one of the people who can only type 80 wph( yes thats right per hour) THANK YOU! Oh and yes I am planning on just buying Magpul MOE handguard, its going to be a KISS rifle.:D