View Full Version : Tikkas in the Bay?

05-05-2011, 6:14 PM
I Initially wanted only to ask if anyone knew a spot to pick up a Tikka with any consistency in the Bay Area. But since these rifles are becoming increasingly popular, perhaps we can just post deals we find in this thread, at Bay Area stores or otherwise. I think of it as a resource for anyone looking to purchase a Tikka without ordering one from an online source.

I know that the Sports Authority in Concord sometimes has them in stock. Are they able to order them on a whim? or is more like B5 and their Mosins, they come when they come?

anyone else got any info?

05-05-2011, 8:28 PM
I've seen them at Canyon Sports in Martinez on several occasions, but it's been a while since I've been in there.

Be forewarned that most items in that store are full list price or heavily marked up. They will haggle with you, but that's not my cup of tea.

05-05-2011, 9:02 PM
North bay Menegon's Guns in St. Helena. Just ordered a Tikka T3 Scout CTR. Should be here in a few days and very competitive prices.

05-06-2011, 12:50 PM
The Gun Exchange in San Jose stocks some of the Tikka's. I had to order mine because I wanted the Varmint model which they did not have in stock. Anxiously waiting for it to arrive. Right now they have 10% off their rifle sales!

05-06-2011, 1:47 PM
City Arms in Pacifica has some in stock or Gun Gallery if you know what you want.