View Full Version : Question about the S&W .22 revolver

05-04-2011, 5:50 PM
Is it really a pistol, or are you just supposed to beat criminals over the head with it?

Maybe I was getting tired, but I swear i had an easier time holding a .44mag Redhawk at arm's length then that dang thing.

Fun to shoot though...

05-04-2011, 6:56 PM
Which 22? The older Model 14s are veery well balanced, even the 8 3/8" version is OK. I know newer versions are made with an underlug, I suppose that's a bit much.

05-04-2011, 7:34 PM
I don't know. I have a 686, 629 and 617. They all feel about the same. But you'd probably kill someone if you pistol whipped them with any of those guns

05-04-2011, 8:05 PM
Combat Masterpiece, can't remember the 22 model no. It's on my short list for a fun gun.

05-04-2011, 11:30 PM
The M17/617 is the .22lr on the K-frame with the target sights and longer barrels
The M18 is the same gun with shorter barrels and ramped front sight
The M34/63 is built on the J-frame

Which one are you talking about?