View Full Version : Saturday the 7th

05-04-2011, 12:30 PM
Attention Shooters:

Saturday morning there will be an opportunity for the F/Tactical Class community to get zeros on Range 117 from 100 -1000 yds.

This will be a very fast moving, two relay, no nonsense, five rounds in five minutes, course of fire to achieve the goal of being off the Range and being ready to commence the regular practice session by 0800.

Please understand that if you are not prepared to move quickly and gather your data in the time allotted; you will need to wait for the next opportunity to try this COF.

If you are prepared to accept these conditions please arrive at Range 117, this Saturday the 7th, by 0600 hrs.

Thank you,

Andre Fredy
SMGC LR Director, Member BoD