View Full Version : Score some great deals on 223 ammunition at Costa Mesa Gunshow

11-27-2006, 12:39 AM
I went to the Costa Mesa gunshow to browse and promise myself I wouldn't buy anything but ...
I was talking to one of the "small vendors" and he sold all of his 223 rifles and
wanted to get rid of all of his 223 ammo and here what I ended up with :

18 Boxes (20rd/box) of Remmington 223 (55 Grain) (Retail $5.69 - Cabela)
4 Boxes (20rd/box) of American Eagle 223 (55 Grain) (Retail $5.19 - Midway)
7 Boxes (50rd/box) of Black Hills 223 (77 Grain BTHP Moly) (Retail $39.99 - Midway)
9 Boxes (20rd/box) of some European gallery ammo ($2.00)

All factory ammo and none are reloaded.
Using retail price, this lot of ammo should have cost me $421.11.

I got this lot for $160 !

Also, from a different vendor, I pick up 900 rounds of Black Hills Remanufactured
223 52 Grain Match Hollow Point for $200. (Midway price is $379.99 for 1000 rounds!)
This vendor also threw in a brick (500 rds) of 22LR (RWS Target) for free!

Overall, I spent too much money but think I got some great deal on ammunition.
Also, just wanted to encourage you guys to talk to all the vendors,
especially the "little guys" and you might be surprise to find some cool deals!

The SoCal Gunner
11-27-2006, 1:27 AM
Wow. Thats an awesome deal. Wished I had time to go but I had other matters that needed attending to. Heck I haven't even had time to goto the range for the past two months.

My trigger finger is gettin itchy!!