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05-04-2011, 1:34 AM
I am in the process of making my 80% paperweight into a functioning piece. My question is, since I do not have to register my lower (since I'm not going to sell it) would I have any legal issues using a sbr upper? Thanks for the advice

rubber duckie
05-04-2011, 1:39 AM
i hope your talking about a pistol upper on a lower without a butt stock. and it will be finished as a single shot with bullet button and no forward grip.

05-04-2011, 3:34 AM
an upper intended (possibly where legal) as an SBR, yes.

But the important thing is (esp here in Cali) you can only make a PISTOL out of it, if it is going to use a barrel of less than 16in. So NO BUTTSTOCK!

At that, it has to built initially as off roster compliant.
IE mag locked and single shot. (there are also some minimum length issues for over all length and barrel length, but I dont remember these numbers off the top of my head)

Mag locked ='s bullet button
single shot means the first "magazine" you insert into it has to be a "bullet sled," which is a magazine (or similar device) that cannot actually hold any rounds in it, meaning the pistol must be loaded 1 round at a time.

AFTER you have done this, you can now legally
1) use a 10rd or less magazine
2) make the over all length anything you want
3) make the barrel length anything you want

BUT the bullet button has to stay.

If the lower is ever configured as a rifle (16in + barrel and butt stock) you CAN NOT legally return it to pistol configuration, as you would have created an illegal SBR.
Once a rifle always a rifle

05-04-2011, 4:41 AM
Can you put a rifle length buffer tube on a pistol upper?

05-04-2011, 6:37 AM
Can you put a rifle length buffer tube on a pistol upper?

If the receiver extension (buffer tube) is configured in a manner in which a stock can be attached, illegal. You can however modify a receiver extension so that it can no longer accept a stock, that would be GTG. Best to just use a pistol buffer tube to be compliant

05-04-2011, 7:06 AM
SBR in CA= Illegal regardless if it's built on an 80% lower.
AR Pistol in CA=Legal as long as your barrel length doesn't exceed 16" and you don't have a butt stock on your buffer tube. (Also all CA AW Rules do apply, so you'll need a BB)

Good luck on your build! Post up pics on your progress.