View Full Version : Opinions on M&Pc .in 357 Sig

05-03-2011, 9:15 PM
A friend of mine has an opportunity to get a S&W M&Pc in .357 Sig., through a PPT, and asked me about it.

From what I know, the M&Pcs can be had in 9, .40, and .357, but the .357 is off roster. On the other hand, any .40 can become a .357 with a different barrel. I've noticed that these M&Ps have a pretty good following; many seem to prefer them to Glocks. (I know, some don't - that's another thread).

What do you all think of an M&Pc in .357? Is it really just a .40? Super cool? A big deal? Not so much? The deal he has would get it to him pretty cheaply, so the question for him would whether to sell it NIB, or keep it and try it out. I guess I'm really asking the members of the M&P cult if this gun, unfired, is worth a lot more to someone who might prefer other guns.

I do know that how much a person likes a given gun depends on that person, but I'd appreciate other folks' views on this gun/caliber combo.



05-03-2011, 9:29 PM
357sig is much more expensive @20 dollars for a box of 50 and hard to find at most local places. I pick up my m&p 40c sat!

05-03-2011, 10:03 PM
Yeah - there seem to be two camps. One notes that .357 supposedly approximates a .357 magnum round. The other points out that its expensive and hard to find. And for most of us, a hole in a paper target is a hole in a paper target.