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11-25-2006, 11:36 PM
In a SHTF situation, one factor that makes an AR-15 or AK series rifle ideal are the huge number of goodies/parts/magazines/accessories/etc lying around.

My question is, if they are #1/#2 in terms of this factor on the SHTF Rifle List, what rifle takes 3rd place? 4th? 5th?

I'll make an educated guess and say the AR-10, M1A, or FAL is somewhere up there.

11-26-2006, 1:11 AM
Well, at least it's not a poll ;)

Yea I'd say probably the M1A or FAL...although I don't think any rifle really has that many parts just "lying around". AR-10s have many parts in common with AR-15s.

11-26-2006, 11:58 AM
Well...I'll forgo the assumption that the AR makes #1, plenty of boards have them ranked lower than the top 10.:p

But that said, I'd think HK 91's and (4's would be on there, Fal as mentioned, a Garand and a M1A/M14, a Mossberg 500 or Remmington 870.

11-26-2006, 12:22 PM
I would put the FN FAL at #1 and HK91 or equ at 2 the AR15 would be 3 or 4.

But then in a SHTF situation I wouldn't be hauling 500 rounds of ammo 308 or 223 any long distances.

On the other hand if I did have to pack ammo over any distance I would choose the ar15 series weapon for that task.

That is one of the major reasons to have more than one weapon platform.

SO for a bunker weapon the FN FAL has its place and for a weapon to use when I'm moving about is the Ar15 in .223.

Another factor is magazine availability and with the FN FAL those can still be had for $5-$10 at shows but If someone wants to pick up a Galil 308 mag they will be a lot more expensive or a Valmet in 308 also a expensive mag.

11-26-2006, 12:50 PM
It all depends on who's causing all of the trouble.

Most likely they would be carrying M16's. Not that many armies still carry FALs. Maybe a few in Europe. G3s are a slim possibility. I don't think an army that carries AKs would make it to your neighborhood.

I don't know what rifles Canada or Mexico issue. Unlikely N. Korea or Iran will be marching down your street.

11-26-2006, 1:22 PM
Thanx Ted, that was a Kick-Butt post;)

11-26-2006, 1:23 PM
Well at least the Canadians know what a real assault rifle is. Read the text in the pic.


Canadian armed forces phased out their FALs and switched to the M16 platform a long time ago (Their designation is the C7)