View Full Version : Good gun shops in/near Santa Rosa

05-01-2011, 10:51 PM
I will be in Santa Rosa for work over the next couple of weeks and will have some time to burn after work. Can any of my fellow Calgunners recommend a couple of good shops to check out while I am in town? Any help would be appreciated.

05-01-2011, 11:10 PM
Markell's off Mark West Springs Rd. Only been once but awesome place, look for Streamlight sign.

05-02-2011, 12:02 AM
Sonoma County is a very liberal place, just check the voting history. Santa Rosa is the largest city in Sonoma County but not many gun shops period. I do not know of any public shooting ranges in Sonoma County, indoor or outdoor. Marin County has at least two ranges that I know of, Bullseye (indoor) and Circle S (Outdoor)

As for retail gun shops, we have several Big 5 stores; I won't discuss these and firearms, but that's just me. We have three gun shops in the Santa Rosa area with public retail space, others that sell out of their home.

Markell was mentioned earlier; it's one of the older stores in our area, but several miles out of town to the northeast along Mark West Springs Road. This is a small police supply shop so if you like basketweave pattern leather holsters and Safariland gear, then it's the place for you. They are a Streamlight dealer so have great flashlights. They were also one of the few places in Sonoma County that had plenty of .223, 9mm and .45ACP ammo during the shortage just after "0" was elected. They kept me going in ammo during that time.

Another shop that took over for an older places called Helms (:() is now known as S&T Firearms on Piner Road in the north side of town. They're more of a traditional gun shop with lots of safes, hunting guns and reloading supplies - some self defense handguns, but lots of revolvers. Don't expect any "black" guns, and do not ask about ARs or AKs, unless you want to learn some new California firearms laws. I go into this shop for basic things, got my Ruger Blackhawk 30 carbine, shotguns and some 10/22 rifles for good prices, so no complaints from me. This shop has a lot of elbow room.

The newest shop in Santa Rosa, is B2 Enterprises - they do not have much elbow room. The retail shop is actually in Cotati, just to the south of Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park and has been open for about six months, I think. They have black guns with pistol grips and rails. :eek: They have Stag ARs, Trijicons, EOTechs, etc. This is a small shop, but they have a lot of stuff packed into this space including some of the newest polymer handguns. The even run ads in the local rag (Press Democrat :sleeping:) like Big 5 but much smaller and in the corner of some obscure page. Check this one out.

The other shops to check out is in Petaluma, about 20 miles south of Santa Rosa. They are Independence Armory and Petaluma Reloading, both in town. There is a third shop to the west, but I haven't been in that one for a long time.

IA is a great shop and the Wael is a gunsmith so you will get the straight scoop on function issues. He's got a Monarch lathe (drool) and a Bridgeport mill. He has great AR and AK types along with traditional rifles and handguns. He is the FFL for our annual Friends of NRA dinner and auction (May 14 at the Vets Building) where he will transfer around 70 guns in one night.

PR is a traditional shop like S&T with more reloading supplies including for shotgun. I get my reloading stuff there when it too heavy to ship. Good guys, but don't ask about "black guns".

I hope this helps.