View Full Version : LaserLyte RL

04-30-2011, 9:41 PM

Anyone ever try or heard of these sights? looks like a nice idea and i like that they use the white outline glock sights for back up.

05-01-2011, 9:53 AM
I have a LaserLyte side mount on a 640 that I couldn't use CTCs on.

It's nowhere near as bright as a 5+ year old CTC. I don't like that you have to make a deliberate, separate motion to activate it, but in this case it's almost like a thumb-the-hammer kinda motion.

I can't see how the rear sight model on top of a blocky auto would be easy to turn on, let alone as part of a drawing stroke.

05-01-2011, 3:54 PM
didnt think of it so much as a HD option but more of a range gizmo, i also thought of adding bigdot front sights with it, but then that might be a bit much?

but when you say it's not that bright that worries me......

05-03-2011, 11:21 AM
(Well, kinda putty colored. I think they used to be white.)
Camera is 8' from the wall, 3x zoom, pistolas on a shelf behind about 13' away.

First in a mostly dark room, with daylight through closed vertical blinds and a torchiere light on low ~20 feet away from the wall. 5+ y.o. Crimson Trace Corp. on the left, 2 month old LaserLyte on the right. The wall is rough finished, which explains the splashy effect, the light is bouncing off the raised bumps.


Another with some more ambient light, a 4' fluorescent on the ceiling about 10' away from the wall.


Just for SNG I took one with a flash. I could barely see the CTC and the LL disappeared completely.