View Full Version : Scoped Mossberg 44US

04-30-2011, 4:33 PM
Had my Mossberg m44 in iron sight configuration for a while, but decided to scope it for use as a trainer rifle for my recently acquired remington 700. Luckily the M44 was factory drilled and tapped for a scope mount so I just bought the Havlin scope mount and threw on a random scope I had. The only issue was that the mount sits a bit high, and required a cheek rest of some sort. Since I am loathe to spend money, I decided to solve the problem using existing materials at home. Rifled through my drawer and pulled out a mini bible. By putting it onto the stock, it worked pretty well as a cheek rest, and by varying the amount of pages on one side of the ^ shape it forms, I adjusted it to fit me perfectly. Then it was a simple matter of taping it onto the stock and covering the tape with some fuzzy sided velcro I had on hand. Sure beats spending 30 for a eagle stock pack!:D