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11-23-2006, 8:24 PM
*new guy:o *Now that i'm done with my first AR15 build I feel like building something else( this building your gun thing is fun). I want an AK before Cali gets stricter.I don't hear about AK builds a lot so I'm kinda lost here.First...Where the hell do I get the parts ?lol Is it harder or about the same as building a AR15?Last 2... Would you go Monster grip and detachable mag or pistol grip and fixed mag?Ok...anything else I should know?

11-23-2006, 8:40 PM
It is a lot harder to do an AK build than a AR build. The best bet is to get a Romy kit from Copes distributing and a DCI-NDS 3 receiver. You have to demill the kit. You will need at the least, a small grinder (dremel and cut off wheels) and a drill press. You will also need a gear puller and a 4-6 inch vice. Don't for get all the 10 parts or less game.


thishttp://www.copesdist.com/ and this

and only if you wanna do a screw build...


I did a fixed mag and just switched to a monster man. You can try to shoot without a grip, I didn't like it one bit. Fixed mag is OK, just think about what you are doing and be safe. I still have to try the monster man grip.

Hope this helps.


11-23-2006, 8:58 PM
hes right about the rommy G kit and a NDS 3, I did everything myself. I grinded off the old studs and drilled out new holes. I ended up using U DRIVE rivites, and screws for the build. No pulling the barrel with those. Real easy. I havent built an AR but they sure do look ALOT less hassle then the AK... there are plenty of kits for 100-300 depending on the country that made them. romainian is the cheepest..

11-23-2006, 9:21 PM
I've built an AR, and it took me about 1hr total to assemble the lower (20 minutes of that was spent looking for the front pivot detent after it sprung across the room). I'm doing a Yugo AK now, and it does require a lot more time. Most of that time comes in demilling the parts kit and making the tools you need if you end up doing a rivet build. Mine will be a combo u-drive, and rivet build.

11-23-2006, 10:47 PM
+1 for Copes kits and NoDakSpud receivers.

Copes are very nice, but I wish I would have bought a kit from bocefus on AKfiles, he seems to have them a bit cheaper.

From what I hear, rivet builds, while more involved than udrive builds, produce better results in the long run. I cannot attest to this personally, but have decided on going the rivet route anyway. I dont mean to discourage anyone from doing a u-drive, but if you have the tools and workshop know-how for a rivet build, why not?? Build parties can be had.

11-24-2006, 2:43 AM
I've got a semi-regularly-updated list of AK parts kit vendors here.


I've had good experiences with Copes, however the best kits I've ever seen (and cheapest) were the Romanians from Akron Armory. They're out now, though.

11-24-2006, 4:27 PM
lets have a build party, both my room mate and I are willing to demill the U DRIVES AND do real rivets.... ya?

11-25-2006, 6:18 PM
lets have a build party, both my room mate and I are willing to demill the U DRIVES AND do real rivets.... ya?

Got a flat bending setup and spot welder? :)