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04-29-2011, 4:13 AM
I've posted some costly nonsense and I often get way in over my head in terms of budget and cost, but I love rimfire <33333

I've collected on the pistol side a couple high standards, mark IIs/III's, buckmarks

on the long gun side I have a couple 10/22's and recently sold an old cz452 to a buddy of mine.

I'm now itching for an Anschutz - i got the bug and i don't know what to do.

I'm not going to purchase one without tons of research, might even be a year or two before I get the budget setup. I think the cost is completely justified considering the artisan level of quality that goes into their small bore rifles.

<<<< So Whats The Deal? >>>>

I'm seeking knowledge from novices to the wise.

I have many questions.

My concerns
*The primary difference from the 64 and 54 actions
- from what i'm told - its the quality of the bolt and action
the 54 is superior for bench rest / while the 64 is more of a entry level item

*If the above is true, is it worth 700 dollars more to get a 54 action like a 1700 series over a much affordable 64 MPR?

*My primary purpose of use is going to be
- safe queen
- bench rest
- standing and prone
- plinking and picking off small game

Which series should I be looking at?

I know these great pieces of art and their setups can easily run in the 1000-3000 dollar range easily.
- What is the cheapest ammo I'd be practicing with?
- is wolf match target acceptable at 50 dollars for 500 rounds
or should i stick with aquila and eley stuff?

*Cleaning and care
- If you observed my collection, The rimfire's i own are extremely reliable and are very rugged in most cases, what should I expect in terms of care for an Anschutz? - especially the barrel, action, and wood*

*Accessories - What should i be looking for?
The costs, and what is necessary vs having as a luxury?

*Should I even buy an Anschutz?
The 10/22 I have is probably the most accurate semi - i have ever used personally. (far more accurate than my own skill)

*Would an Anschutz be even appropriate for an amateur?
(this is in the context that I do not competitively compete, but simply enjoy this as a quite addictive hobby)

- I'm sure I'll think of some more questions soon*

So If you guys can help me out, it'd be much appreciated!

In fact if you just read this post - I thank you and I appreciate your valuable time to even entertain my thoughts -

/cheers to everyone here.

04-29-2011, 5:34 AM
Suggest you go to rimfirecentral.com. They have an Anshutz sub-forum over there where all you questions and more will be happily answered. Do you know that CMP Sales has an Anshutz Target Riifle in 22lr for sale for $1200? Might want to consider that.

I'm planning to start a thread and rimfire central soon in the next couple days.

However at the moment I want a little bit more diversified crowd weighing in and I also wanted to spark some interest on this forum instead of directing traffic away from here to a sister forum.

04-29-2011, 10:05 AM
I agree that your detailed specific questions on Anshutz can be better answered at RFC, however they are going to be very biased on the 'Should I even get an Anshutz'.

A top quality full custom 10/22 can reach the accuracy levels of Anshutz, but you will need to pay for it. I have a full KID custom (generally considered the absolute best 10/22 you can buy) which ran about $1700 including taxes & fees before glass. Its worth every penny and is an absolute joy to shoot, even with cheap ammo.

As for whether its suited to an amateur...probably not but who cares? I say if you have the money then go for it. Just because you arent a pro racing driver doesnt mean you cant get yourself a sports car. Guns are an even easier choice since you dont crash and die when you run out of skill. That being said if you cant shoot better than your current 10/22 does, then there is likely not much of a point in getting a more accurate rifle just yet. Its a shame you sold the CZ 452, thats a fantastic bolt action to train with...i love mine.

04-29-2011, 10:39 AM
I've wanted a Anschutz since I was 18, but life just kept interfering with that purchase. I finally got the one I wanted as a retirement gift to myself. It is every thing I thought it would be...I got the 1412 Silhouette. Now to save up for a Cooper. Needless to say I had a long time to study them and figure out what I really wanted.

The 54 action is the same one they use in their Olympic guns. The 64/164 action is their entry level or Club action...for local club competition. There are no compromised in the construction of the 54, the 64 is built to a price point and some parts will not hold up as well...remembering that .22lrs get used a lot.

I've found that the Wolf MT is excellent, but I'm not shooting competitively. I've met folks who shoot CCI Green Tag in their Annies who have been very happy

I always knew I wanted a Sporter that I could take out in the field, I didn't want open sights, a straight comb an a roll-over cheekpiece. I would have loved a FS model, but they don't come with the plain barrel or the cheekpiece.

If I was willing to settle for the 64/164 action, I'd get the new Weatherby Mark XXII...because it would be a good match (stockwise) for my old semi-auto Mark XXII from Japan

04-29-2011, 6:18 PM
Anschultz are excellent firearms. If money is a concern, consider a Savage MkII. The TR is a shooter and you'll have money left over for good glass (if you wanna go that route). But an Anschultz sure gets the blood flowing.