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04-28-2011, 10:31 PM

NIB LDI DBAL-i2 Flat Dark Earth

Dual Beam Aiming Laser - Intelligent˛


$719 Shipped

The Dual Beam Aiming Laser – Intelligent (DBAL-I˛) from Laser Devices, Inc, features an infrared laser pointer and infrared illuminator in one package. Designed to compete with the AN/PEQ-2A, the new DBAL-I˛ features several product improvements and upgrades. While it performs the same functions as its rival, the DBAL-I˛ does so in a smaller, lighter weight, more rugged housing, and features a significantly smaller price tag. The DBAL-I˛ is the same size as the other lasers in the DBAL series. This size is much shorter than the legacy unit, leaving more room on the rail for other accessories and allows the operator more freedom to place it in different positions. It features the new LDI-designed self-adjusting throw lever mount. This is one of our favorite mounts. It is easy to operate and will fit any manufacturer’s rail.

The DBAL-I˛’s functions are exactly the same as the legacy unit. The laser pointer is long-reaching and adjustable for high/low settings while the IR illuminator produces an easily-focused, smooth beam. The rear control dial is easy to actuate, but still protected from accidental movement and the windage/elevation adjustments are recessed. Build quality is typical of LDI – excellent with a precision machined aluminum housing that will accept more abuse than the legacy unit. The DBAL-I˛ will stand up to harshest environments.

We are extremely impressed with the DBAL-I˛. After extensive testing and evaluation, we find it hard to recommend the legacy unit at all. The DBAL-I˛ improves upon it on all levels. But, perhaps the biggest draw for the DBAL-I˛ is the price. It is hundreds less than the AN/PEQ-2A. This makes it very attractive to LE units needing to outfit their team on a budget.

• Red Visible Pointer (<5mW) with IR Pointer/Illuminator (<5mW)

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