View Full Version : While on the subject of Buds

04-28-2011, 1:10 AM
When you purchase from buds guns shop, do you insure your tranfer incase its lost or damage?

Alex M
04-28-2011, 1:26 AM
I worked for UPS for 10 years and now work for another company in a similar industry. I would definitely insure something as valuable as a firearm being shipped by any carrier.

04-28-2011, 1:28 AM
I thought it was for lost guns in the mail. When the gun arrives at your local gun store, you inspect it first before starting any paper work. If you see damage, don't accept it and call buds telling them you don't want it because it's damaged. Insure it, it's only like $6 and if it's lost, it's on them not you.

04-28-2011, 1:38 AM
With 3rd party carrier - Yes -