View Full Version : WTS:***RARE***Bulgy AK-47 matching MILLED kit with O.G. BARREL (SOLD!!!) !!!!

04-26-2011, 5:46 PM
Ok guys/gals...
I am selling what I believe is to be the LAST matching Bulgarian AK-47 MILLED kit with the ORIGINAL barrel anywhere!!!. The barrel is chrome-lined and passes the bullet test(7.62 x 39). This kit is nice and smooth and has that distinct look that is perfect for a Khyber build!!! The numbers on the bolt, bolt carrier, front trunnion, and cover match. The bolt and carrier are, I believe, chrome plated in addition to the barrel as already mentioned. The kit also comes with the barrel still attached to the stub of the receiver which can be a good weld kit for Turbothis to build up!

The kit comes with the original FCG parts kit as well as the wooden stock and handguards and everything shown.

The kit does come with 2 caveats. The kit does not come with the fixed rear trunnion(which can easily be found online) since I couldn't find it.

The milled stub is slightly milled down and a couple of holes for a flat that was wrapped around it(the kit was liberated from the fate of becoming a screw build:eek:) The stub can be repaired/replaced or used with milled repair kits. Half the Bulgarian double circle stamp is gone but, still identifiable.

I am asking for SOLD!!! for this kit and placing on here for fellow Calgunners to grab before the sharks in certain other places grab a hold of it!
It is most likely worth more but, my loss is your gain!