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04-26-2011, 4:42 PM
Here a bunch of items I have collected that needs a new ower. With much of this stuff and a few extra you can make a rifle under a grand. PM me if interested and I do ship on your dime and I can do ftf any day at Iron Sights, Parallax, Ares Armor, Quantico Arms & Tactical and Faith Arms.
Here's the list and pic


1. Bolt group minus bolt-60 SOLD
2. Charging Handle-10.00 SOLD
3. Rock River Tacical Carry Handle-150.00
4. Bird cage comp-8.00
5. BCM striped upper-350.00 SOLD PENDING FUNDS
6. UTG Rail w/covers-50.00
7. DD Omega Rail (Rifle Length) 275.00
8. Tango Down Battle Grip-30.00 SOLD
9. Accupoint HighRise 1' scope rings-20.00
10. GG&G Flip Up Sight Rear and Forward-120.00 SOLD
11. A2 Stock with rifle length buffer-50.00 SOLD
12. DD Omega Rail 7 in (Carbine)-200.00
13. Magpul AFG (G1)-20.00 SOLD
14. High Rise Quick Detach 1in Scope rings-50.00
15. Carbine Handguards w/ rail-30.00/ wo rail 20.00
16. Buttstock Mag pouch-20.00
17. Rifle Length buffer-20.00 SOLD
18. Carbine Legth buffer-10.00
19. Three point sling-20.00
20. Wiley X glasses with all the parts - 50.00
21. Three point sling-10.00

Not in picture items

Flashlight mount-30.00 SOLD
Big ammo that can hold all these items-30.00

I'll take trades and I'm open to offers so let me know if you want anything for trade. I also discount if FTF and if you want a group of items I lessen the price also. Thanks for looking


04-26-2011, 7:01 PM
2. Charging Handle-10.00
13. Magpul AFG (G1)-20.00

I'll take these shipped to 48047. Send payment info

04-26-2011, 7:59 PM
Will take the following per our PM


04-26-2011, 8:37 PM
I'll take the upper. # 5

04-27-2011, 12:41 PM
2. Charging Handle-10.00
13. Magpul AFG (G1)-20.00

I'll take these shipped to 48047. Send payment info

I guess I forgot to PM you thats why I didn't get them...hmmmm

04-27-2011, 8:20 PM
Bump! I still got a lot of items for sale. PM me if you want something

04-28-2011, 6:14 PM