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04-26-2011, 4:26 PM

I'm looking to buy a Beretta 92FS from out of state. The DOJ approved list seems to have most every configuration of the 92. But is there anything else I need to verify before I make a mistake and buy a gun that a local FFL dealer won't be able to release to me???

For instance, the roster doesn't seem to differentiate between USA or Italy manufacture, so I have to assume that has no baring on legality?


04-26-2011, 5:38 PM
Most FFL goes off the box tag on the case/box that the pistol came in. So if the case stats "Beretta 92FS" then you're good. Since Beretta doesn't use SKU numbers like SW or part numbers like SA, almost all 92FS will match.

If I remember correctly... Beretta use a bar-code system which states what the pistol has on it... ie "92FS 3DOT WOOD" meaning Model 92FS with 3-dot sight and wood grip.

Just ask the guy you're buying it from to look at the barcode tag and see what it reads... if it starts with 92FS, you're good. I personally think you're good either way... but safer to double-check.

04-26-2011, 5:41 PM
Sorry, I started typing in the wrong post.

04-26-2011, 5:50 PM
Great - that all makes sense. Besides the barcode, nothing else to look for when comparing to the approved list?

04-26-2011, 6:46 PM
Make sure to ask them to ship it with 10 round magazines otherwise you might not get any when you pick it up.

04-26-2011, 7:22 PM
Good point. Unfortunately.