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11-21-2006, 9:17 PM
Does anyone own one of these. Im sick of the jams in my 597 and want something a little more accurate and fun. They look great but i hate buying anything without getting some first hand feedback. How is the fit and finish? how well does it feed? Is it finicky with ammo? How is the accuracy? etc, etc...

Thanks alot,


11-21-2006, 9:38 PM
I assume you're asking about the .22LR model. Unfortunately for you, I have a .17HMR... but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT, and all the 452s share some traits.


Adjustable trigger
Bull barrel
Cuts in receiver for scope mount
Accuracy out to 150yds
Eats all brands/types of .17hmr (there aren't many out there)
Kills squirrels dead


Magazines (5rd) are $45 + (I think this applies to the .22lr version as well)
Lack of aftermarket parts
Wood quality is a crap shoot. I got a good set, but my buddy got a nasty looking stock. If you have the opportunity, check out the rifle before you buy.


new cal shooter
11-22-2006, 9:00 AM
My CZ will feed 3 out of 5 rounds from the mag, really sucks, but the HB and caliber make up for it, shoots Extra tight groups, but bad feeding will make me sell it eventually.

11-22-2006, 9:13 AM
Here's mine with a BSA Sweet17 mounted:


11-22-2006, 9:40 AM
Go to http://www.whittakerguns.com/mags.htm
In .22LR, 5-round is $25.99, 10-round is $23.99. The .22WMR and .17HMR are only available in 5-round, and are $28.99 and $23.99 each. You can sometimes find slightly better deals on E-bay, and slightly worse deals at your local gun store.

That's for the plastic 5rd mag, which I've heard bad things about (especially in cold conditions). If you want the metal ones, you pay through the nose.

ETA: looks like the price has come down somewhat: http://www.rimfiresports.com/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=RSC&Product_Code=CZG12008&Category_Code=M