View Full Version : 8lb jug of virgin surplus WC844

11-21-2006, 7:27 AM
This is an 8lb jug of WC844 (unopened). This is a surplus powder, not commercial. It is 'virgin' which means it is straight from the cannisters and not pull down powder.

$90 face to face transaction only. Unless you really want to pay for hazmat and shipping...

http://www.ocabj.net/gallery/albums/wc844_jug/IMG_4523.sized.jpg (http://www.ocabj.net/gallery/albums/wc844_jug/IMG_4523.jpg)

http://www.ocabj.net/gallery/albums/wc844_jug/IMG_4519.sized.jpg (http://www.ocabj.net/gallery/albums/wc844_jug/IMG_4519.jpg)

http://www.ocabj.net/gallery/albums/wc844_jug/IMG_4527.sized.jpg (http://www.ocabj.net/gallery/albums/wc844_jug/IMG_4527.jpg)

I am in Riverside. Will meet only during daytime.

Also, I will be at the Costa Mesa guns how this Saturday before it opens (and only for about 30 mins after it opens at most). I also shoot weekly at the Inland Fish and Game, so if you shoot there, you'll see me there.

11-24-2006, 10:12 PM