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04-24-2011, 7:02 PM
Hey everyone,

I am buying my first Kimber! I'm getting the Raptor II 5" Blued. My problem is, and I would love your input on this please, I just fell in love with this gun at my gun store and had to have it. I have always heard good thing about the Kimber line and just had to have this one! The look and feel of this gun is Awesome!

Now today I was do some research and found that a lot of people do not like the gun. I check on many forms and found out that not to many people had good thing to say about it. They listed all the parts you need to make it work, spring kit, mags, slide rods, FTF, you name it. I did read some nice review on it and still want to get this. They also said Kimber does not have a Custom Shop at all.

Now, I think this gun will be just fine for my needs as I don't need it for work or anything. Just the range to have fun. The term "Custom Shop" makes one think of a hand assembled and custom made gun. I really want this gun, but it just made me think. I don't want to buy something that is going to spend more time at Kimber than me!

Thanks and looking forward to you good and bad on the model!!

04-24-2011, 7:20 PM
I never had a problem with my Kimber but that's just me. I bought it in 2002.

04-24-2011, 7:30 PM
Where did you read all this garbage? on the SA forum? lol J/K just get it man you will not be disappointed. 

04-24-2011, 7:35 PM
I have a Custom Stainless TLE/RLII and I love it. It's extremely accurate. I have no regret with my purchase. I'm planning to get at least a couple more Kimbers to add to my collection. (Raptor and Desert Warrior). So go ahead and buy your Raptor. Just make sure you clean it after every use.

04-24-2011, 7:40 PM
clean and oil

Kimbers command a higher price than comparable 1911s... So long as you know what youre buying.

04-24-2011, 7:47 PM
I don't have any problems with my Raptor II. I have over 800 rounds thru her with no problems not attributed to ammo or mags. Just keep it lubed up and fed good factory ammo for the break-in and you won't have any problems. I know others that have Raptors also and they haven't had any problems either. Buy it, be happy, and only buy good mags like Chip McCormick or Wilson (no cheap paper wrapped GI mags).

Btw, welcome to the forum.

04-24-2011, 7:49 PM
I have the exact model your purchasing. Bought it back in '07. Had a few FTE during the initial break in but that's to be expected. Put several thousand rounds through her since without any problems. Haven't cleaned her either going on 1600+ rds so far without any issues. Just the occasional wipe down and that's it. Very accurate even with the underpowered Miwall reloads. Also bought the .22LR conversion & have had no problems either. Definitely a keeper!!

04-24-2011, 7:57 PM
I love my Raptor.

She's an older external extractor model, been well used over the years, and still ticks like a clock. Reliable as a rock.


04-24-2011, 8:08 PM
+1 on my TLE/RL II :)

I have a Custom Stainless TLE/RLII and I love it. It's extremely accurate. I have no regret with my purchase. I'm planning to get at least a couple more Kimbers to add to my collection. (Raptor and Desert Warrior). So go ahead and buy your Raptor. Just make sure you clean it after every use.

04-24-2011, 9:26 PM
I have a Raptor II in blue finish
I have maybe 350-400 rounds through it without any problems.
It gets compliments at the range for both its appearance and accuracy.
Get one They are distinctive guns and great shooters.

04-24-2011, 9:46 PM
I was in the same boat a few months ago before I bought my Kimber Custom 2. I did my research and read the forums about FTF, FTE and jams. I bought the Kimber anyways based on recomendations of 1911 owners that i know. So far after 200 rounds with different ammo both factory and Ammo Bros reloads and with different mags i.e Wilson Combats, CMC, Kimpro Tac mags and yes the stock Kimber mag not one single malfunction. I just keep the gun clean and well lubed. I think all of the bad press in the forums are exagerrated! Just buy it and keep it maintiained and you will be one happy Kimber owner!

04-24-2011, 10:05 PM
Thanks Guys! This helps out a lot! The people I have talked with about the Raptor just love them and say nothing but good things. I think I will get it and see for myself, but all looks good. Thanks for all your help and can't wait to pick her up!!

04-24-2011, 11:40 PM
I have a fullsize stainless Raptor II. It's a great gun and probably my favorite pistol. It shoots great, I had some FTF's, but I found it to be the Chip McCormick 10 rd mag. I've used new and old kimber mags and wilsons out of it with no problems. I'm sending the McCormick in to be replaced, we'll see how it does. The Raptor though is awesome and very accurate. Like you, I fell in love with it the first time I held one. My brother has a Kimber he bought in '99 and it's been flawless. Not sure of the model, but it has an aluminium frame and is fulsize. Like everyone says, if you like it, get it.

04-24-2011, 11:50 PM
Usually...when you search a certain gun the only thing you'll find is for sale ad's and posts about problems or malf's on that particular gun.

That doesnt represent the true function to failure ratio of that particular gun. All it means is that gun owners are more likely to post about their gun if it has a problem or if they wish to sell it.

Go on to a glock or beretta forum and see how many "Help guys...my guns effed up" posts , but we all know those two guns work with boring reliability.

04-25-2011, 8:15 AM
IMHO, the Raptor II Series is one of the best guns to come out of the Custom Shop. I have the Raptor II, Pro Raptor II, and Ultra Raptor II...they are the most accurate, well finished, and beautiful 1911's I own.

I will some day have their stainless brothers in my collection too.

Get the Raptor II and shoot it with confidence.

Mine is a tac driver.

04-25-2011, 11:55 AM
Thanks Guys! I am now in the 10 day wait zone!!

04-25-2011, 12:01 PM
Congratulations! my Raptor runs great, put the stock mag in a box and picked up a half dozen Kim-Pro magazines.