View Full Version : Ruger SP-101 in Sacramento

11-20-2006, 6:50 PM
Time to let this one go to finance work on another one. 2 1/4" .357 in what I would call excellent condition. Got a few wear marks but nothing that a scotchbrite won't remove. This gun had an action job several years ago from Scott, McDougall and associates over in Santa Rosa which was a pretty highly thought of outfit at the time that has since closed shop. The trigger is as good as one of my other SP-101's that was worked over by Gemini customs.

My son (11) used this gun much more than I as his range gun with light .38spl loads with all powder rings cleaned out regularly so no worries. Looking to do a PPT in Sacramento but willing to drive within an hour or so to make it happen. $325.00 Will ship if buyer pays all costs which seems to be about fifty bucks on average. Thanks for looking.

Edit: Revolver is sold. Thanks.