View Full Version : National Assoc. for Gun Rights???

Purple K
04-23-2011, 7:11 AM
Anybody heard of these folks? I'm suddenly getting e-mail from them. Another Bloomberg front? Or are they legit?

Gray Peterson
04-23-2011, 7:22 AM
NAGR is essentially a competing organization to Gun Owners of America. They are not a Bloomberg front.

However, their mailings and emails are quite alarmist in nature. Lots of "Obama Gun Ban Treaty" crap and "how to prevent it". Funny thing is, the only NGO that has any presence at the Small Arms Treaty Negotiations is the NRA-ILA. They have no lobbyists in DC (as far as I know), unlike the NRA, GOA, and CCRKBA. They are, however, paying Jim Manley of the Mountain States Legal Foundation for the Bonidy US Postal Service case.

Scarecrow Repair
04-23-2011, 4:36 PM
Slightly off-topic ... inconsistency is all the more amusing when it brings with it feigned outrage. Gun rights? Guns have rights? Guns don't kill, people kill, and so it is with guns as far as rights are concerned, but the people who are outraged when their guns are accused of jumping off the table and killing someone fail to see the inconsistency in their guns suddenly acquiring rights, and will be utterly stone-faced by my amusement at said hypocrisy.