View Full Version : BRRC NRA May 21/22 Mid Range Regional Match

04-21-2011, 8:18 PM
Hello All,

This is a notice that we are having a reprise of our very successful NRA Regional Mid Range match. I have received all NRA paperwork for this match but the NRA itself failed to get us into Shooting Sports in time for the May issue. In lieu of Shooting Sports listing us, I am attaching match information here as well as sign up sheets. Also for those who are interested, I can send you our CY2011 schedule under separate cover (too big to send within this forum so email me direct for a copy). We have these every month.

Last year's Regional was a great event. As good as it was, I have a new, extra nice twist planed for this year's event so be sure to sign up.

Questions? I can be reached at the office at: 818-772-7379 or by email @ mf5252@verion.net

Mitch Feingersch:19
BRRC Mid Range Match Director