View Full Version : Hogue grip screws for my Sig 226

04-21-2011, 4:27 PM
I got some hogue grips for my Sig 226 and decided to get some Hogue hex screws to go along with it.

Teh Grips came from CDNN and the screws i got off Ebay.

With the Factory Sig slotted screws i can turn them in and out with my thumb/index finger Easily.

With the Hogue/hex screws I cannot. Barely onto the first thread it got Stuck and I stopped right there.

I matched the thread pitch on the Sig and Hogue screws and they match up perfectly.

I ended up installing the Grip with the factory Slotted screws.

I contacted the ebay seller for a refund.

Just curious if anyone had a problem with these Hogue screws?

The package says Hogue Extreme Series. Part # 26009