View Full Version : Freedom Arms Model 97 Owners, a ?

04-21-2011, 4:08 PM

04-21-2011, 5:49 PM
I have a 97 in 41 mag. I dont have any problems with the trigger or safety system. Though the trigger is not as nice as the 83 it is still very nice and better than any other SA I have tried. Mine is super tight and accurate. If you can get the 97 for less than $1500 you are doing pretty well.
Just make sure that you don't want to use bullets heavier than 255 because of OAL issues.

04-21-2011, 6:55 PM
That is a great price for that. I don't carry mine but I would not hesitate to. I know the 83 does not have the transfer bar safety but 97 does. All model 97's are premier grade.
I have large hands so shooting the 97 while it was cold out with some hot loads was a little painful, gun was hard to hold on to in those conditions. A different set of grips besides the micarta or rosewood would be best for what you are looking to do.