View Full Version : colt 1911 series 70 front sight replacement info needed

04-21-2011, 3:12 PM
hey guys i have a quick question i have a gun that is being offered to me but it is missing the front sight its a series 70 colt. what i would like to know is if colt would still be able to replace the missing sight with the original one or do they no longer carry that since all there new guns have the bigger sights like the series 80 does thank you i tried calling colt already but they were already closed and i need an answer asap. if any of you guys got a sight replaced by colt please let me know your help would be greatly appreciated thanks

04-21-2011, 4:01 PM
If you're talking about the small, staked-in version, sure you can get new replacement blades for them. Check Brownell's, Numrich and Midway. They're common enough that even local gunsmiths may have them. Tanaka in Gardena, Hoag in Chatsworh, O'Hara in Corona come to mind.

04-21-2011, 4:04 PM
Yup... What He ^^^^said.

There's only about six million guns out there with that sight. Replacements won't go away too soon.

04-21-2011, 4:28 PM
Thanks guys I appreciate the help

04-21-2011, 5:58 PM
Since you have to buy a front sight anyway you can feel free to up grade for not too much money. I know you can get a nice front and rear white dots from Fusion Firearms for your gun. Right around 70 bucks if i remember right.

04-21-2011, 6:37 PM
I know you can't get the correct profile Series 70 Gold Cup sights, so keep that in mind. Otherwise it shouldn't be a deal breaker.

04-21-2011, 7:10 PM
I am in the Los Angeles County area. Repair, Service and Custom 1911 Work.

04-21-2011, 7:36 PM
Spend a bit more money and have a dovetail cut into to your slide. I have shot off many staked front sights.