View Full Version : Will a 1911 mag fit in a S&W CS45?

04-21-2011, 4:43 AM
So I have ordered a few blue guns and a few blue magazines in for the IWB holsters and mag holders I will start making and selling.

One of the mags I got in was a 1911 mag. I looked at it closeley and realized it looked just like my CS45 mag, except longer.

I then actually inserted the blue magazine into my CS45 and it actually locked in place where I had to hit the mag release button.

One of the reasons I went to an XD45 was because of the capacity issue, my CS45 only holds 6 rounds while the XD45 holds 10 rounds.

But I looked on line and saw I can get a 10 round 1911 magazine.

From trying to 1911 Blue magazine, I am almost positive a 10 round 1911 magazine will bit in my CS45.

Does anyone know if this is correct or not before I actually go out and purchase one?