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11-18-2006, 3:55 PM
Anyone have any experience with Berry's bullets? Good or Bad?

big jon
11-18-2006, 4:09 PM
When I was shooting alot that was purty much all i used good stuff...

11-18-2006, 6:16 PM
I use them no problems. They will send them USPS priority mail. You get them quick and the shipping is included.

11-19-2006, 1:07 AM
If you're looking at the Berry Bullets for 7.62x39mm, be aware that they're round-nose and seem to be built for Tokarev. Some rifles are ok with them, others aren't. The loaded rounds end up really short.

My SKSes think the Berry bullets are just fine.

My AKs hate them.

11-19-2006, 7:46 AM
I've used the 185 and 200 grain 45acp SWC. Accuracy was ok, never as good as lead or or the premium jacketed stuff. I did have a lot more trouble coming up with a recipe that would feed reliably with either of these in my 45s. My S&W 745 is extremely tolerant of ammo, I had never had a FTF in this gun until I tried the Berry's. The shape is slightly different than the more common H&G 200, and I think that is the problem. There probably is a good recipe to get these to work, but I didn't want to mess with them unless the accuracy justified it. I would probably try the Rainier if you are using the 200SWC, it looks as if they use the original H&G200 which I never have feeding problems with. I bit the bullet and bought a box of 1700 Hornady's and couldn't be happier.

I'm alos experimenting with the 148gr plated HBWC in my 38 special S&W 52. So far accuracy is not as good as lead, and I have to give it a significantly hotter load to function. I'm going to keep experimenting, but my guess is I'll be going back to lead on this one, when I'm done with the box.

I have noticed that the surface finish of these bullets is always pretty wavy, if they are available I would go with the precision swaged variety they offer in some calibers. I imagine it improves bullet uniformity alot. Overall I think there are higher quality sources out there, but if you burn a lot of ammo and are cost conscious go for it!