View Full Version : Recommendations for Sig 226 light? Pics would be great!

04-20-2011, 10:13 PM
Any recommendations for a good value light that would fit on a Sig 226? I'd like to spend between $25-$75 if possible.

Got this light from Amazon. Great price, decent light. Fits on my Glock 17, but not my Sig.



04-21-2011, 9:13 AM
I run a streamlight tlr 3 on my P220. Its compact and fits flush (if not a little recessed) of the muzzle and shines as bright as I need it. It doesnt have powder on the lens due to its mounting position. I purchased it here in the marketplace for around $50. It was unused and in excellent condition.

04-21-2011, 9:45 AM
I have a TLR-1 on my 226. Works fine and I am 100% happy with it.

04-21-2011, 2:51 PM
I have one of those NCstar lights that I used a small file to make it be able to fit the rails on my Sig p226. Of course, it was supposed to fit out of the box, as it was advertised as having a "universal pistol" type rail mount.

The problem is that the light is so badly designed that the lamphead (which holds the batteries in also) would unscrew when the weapon was fired to the point that after about 10 rounds the lamphead would fall off.

I tried then attaching the lamphead with blue Loctite, but since it does not really have a good place for a tool to grip the lamphead is now stuck on the flashlight, with a dead battery in it.

Short to say I replaced it with an x400. Much more money but the thing actually works and I didn't have to rebuild it to get it to do what it should.