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04-19-2011, 7:50 AM
I have a good understanding regarding mag laws for semi-auto rifles. BUt yesterday I was digging around in my safe and realized I have a some 13 round mags for my Glock-23. I bought this pistol so long ago that it doesn't have rails and I was surprised to relize that it is a 3 pin gun. I cant remember when I bought it but I know it was in the 90's. Besides getting old and having memory issues, do the mag laws apply the same way to pistols as they do rifles regarding rebuild kits, ect? What year did the 10 round limit go into effect?

04-19-2011, 7:54 AM
Rifle or Pistol same rules apply

04-19-2011, 7:59 AM
You can freely keep them, use them, rebuild them, export and reimport them, just as with rifles.

You cannot sell them or give them away unless you strip them down into rebuild kits.

04-19-2011, 9:59 AM
And the mag law was a part of 1998's SB23, effective 2000.

04-19-2011, 2:04 PM
I'm not quite sure exactly what your real question is.

The magazine law applies to magazines. Since it applies to magazines only, it covers rifles and pistols that would use those magazines and not just one or the other.

You cannot use a large-capacity magazine in a fixed-magazine pistol or rifle (shotguns are fine, though).

Since you lawfully own some 13 round magazines, you can use them in any firearm you own where they will fit that's not a fixed-magazine rifle or pistol.

You can rebuild them. You could even rebuild them into a higher capacity, if the parts allow it.

04-19-2011, 10:07 PM
Thanks for the info fellas. Very helpfull.

04-20-2011, 8:57 AM
Also, I believe that the statue of limitations is only 3 years