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04-16-2011, 11:19 PM
Someone I know who lives in CA sent out this video over a social networking site. I know that it is NOT lawful to carry a loaded firearm on your person while in a vehicle unless you're a LEO in CA. This video shows how to handle this situation when you're pulled over in other states as a civilian.

My question is:

1. Is this ok in CA if you're are employed by a company/agency that allows you to carry including on the way to work? LEO?

2. Are there any situations where this driver can do what he did legally in CA?

3. Would this video apply to UOCing in a vehicle in CA?

Thanks in advance. I know the poster meant well but I want ask those who know to chime in so that I can reply to his vid and try to make things clear and to set a proper context to those who don't know about gun laws in CA. The last thing we need is someone seeing a vid from G&A and think it is legal and gets arrested.


04-17-2011, 12:51 AM
Ok I did some digging in the CGF wiki page and found this:

PC 12031
"(a)(1)A person is guilty of carrying a loaded firearm when he or she carries a loaded firearm on his or her person or in a vehicle while in any public place or on any public street in an incorporated city or in any public place or on any public street in a prohibited area of unincorporated territory."

What about if you're licensed to carry at work? Can you carry loaded or unloaded in your POV?

What about UOCing as a civi?

04-17-2011, 8:30 AM
If you are uniformed security, with a guard card and a firearms endorsement, you MAY open carry, loaded, directly to and from work. (ETA: IF your work assignment is armed security)

PC 12031 (http://law.onecle.com/california/penal/12031.html)(b)(7) (b) Subdivision (a) shall not apply to any of the following:
(7) Armored vehicle guards, as defined in Section 7521 of the
Business and Professions Code, (A) if hired prior to January 1, 1977,
or (B) if hired on or after that date, if they have received a
firearms qualification card from the Department of Consumer Affairs,
in each case while acting within the course and scope of their

Outside of employment-related carry, UOC is legal in vehicles as well as on foot - and just as limited by school zones.

04-18-2011, 2:41 PM
Thank you!

04-18-2011, 7:03 PM
Thank you!

Thanks for posting this, I have wondered the same thing inr egards to UOC in a vehicle myself. Now all I need is an app for my smartphone that tells me where all of the prohibited zones are in CA.