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04-16-2011, 5:23 PM
To whom it may concern,

Please read this important publication linked below, as it will better prepare you to debunk the antigun rhetoric. As an American who loves my country and my State of California, I'm concerned that, if we do not pay attention to this issue, future generations will be at risk of losing there god given right to a life with liberty. One thing I learned in political science is that, politics are who gets what when and how. The second amendment is important, if not the most important constitutional right we as Americans have to ensure our freedom. Bad people with guns will take what is not theirs, including our dignity, our life and our liberty. Good people with guns will give freely those very same things. A gun free zone is the most dangerous place in our society. Only criminals or even a corrupt authorities will possess a gun in a gun free zone. Criminals will always have access to guns no matter what our laws are, they are criminals, they do not obey laws.
When I wrote Senator Feinstein about my stand on this issue, she responded with this antigun rhetoric. She wrote, "The assault weapon attack on four children and an adult at a Jewish Community Center in Los Angeles in 1999, the school shooting at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, and the tragedies at Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois Universities are examples of the tragic results of gun violence." Yes, Senator those sick cowards must have felt pretty empowered to do what they did in a gun free zone. Laws that you advocate leave citizens unarmed and defenseless against such attacks. Senator Feinstein has a gun with a permit to carry, and has professionals protecting her and hers. But, we the people shouldn't? Jack London wrote about this aristocratic mindset in his famous book “Iron Heel”. Read the Second Amendment, it says, "The people have the right to keep and bare arms." Period, the end. The Second Amendment is our right not our privilege. The Second Amendment says nothing to suggest when, where or how we are to bare arms. It certainly doesn't say those arms need not offend others, or that the bullets should be limited, made to specification and nonlethal, or that those arms shouldn't look dangerous.
Mexico’s 10th Amendment permits limited gun ownership, but all reports suggest that, the only citizens being approved for the ownership of firearms are friends and family of government officials. There are also reports of entire communities paying the cartels each month, so that those cartels won’t rape, dismember, and murder them and their families. The citizens of Mexico are at the mercy of a corrupt government and criminals. I would have never believed that this type of regulation of gun rights would have ever been possible here in our country, or that any freedom loving American would ever support the taking of our god given right to protect ourselves, not here in the land of the free, in which our citizens have made ultimate sacrifices to protect our freedoms. Can you see the familiarity in the comparing of the way Mexico’s government officials permit firearms limited ownership to there friend and family members, and then our government official who want to restrict our right to own and bare arms. Pay attention to how many of our government official are rushing to purchase personal defense handguns, and at the same time they are obtaining concealed carry permits. Will the right to keep and bare arms in America only be the right of the elite, government officials, or people of influence, and criminals?
I'm involved with the NRA and other second amendment organizations, but I also express my concerns to our elected representatives. I have expressed my concerns to President Obama, Senator Barbara Boxer, Senator Diane Feinstein, Congressman Kevin McCarthy, the California Senate Public Safety Committee Senators; Loni Hancock, Joel Anderson, Ron Calderon, Tom Harman, Carol Liu, Curren Price, Darrel Steinberg, but also, our California Assembly Public Safety Committee members; Tom Ammiano, Steven Knight, Gilbert Cedillo, Curt Hageman, Jerry Hill, Holly J. Mitchell, and Nancy Skinner. To say that I merely express my concerns is an understatement. I demand the freedoms that others are not allowed to take from me and mine.
As I continue to learn about these issues, I also have gotten to know more about those who are actively protecting our freedom. These men and women are not the blood thirsty lunatics the anti's portray these good citizens to be. I have found them to be the most honorable and patriotic individuals. Many of them have in fact risked all to protect life and liberty. Their love for country, community, and family is unquestionable. Those who stand by and allow something to be taken, are just as responsible for the loss, as those who have taken what has been lost. I'm concerned that this sounds a little preachy, so I will close with this, God Bless America and Long Live the Republic.

Read this important document: http://gunfacts.info/pdfs/gun-facts/5.1 ... screen.pdf


John Williams

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Damn, that is WAY to much to read. Section it up.

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Cliff's notes please.

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Welcome Mr. John Williams to Calguns. Everybody here feels the exact same way you do. None of these ideas are new to us either. Stick around, do some reading and searches. You will find you are among friends.

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We can write a million letter to DiFi and she still wouldn't listen. From what I've heard she no longer had a ccw, I could be wrong though. The battles will have to be fought in the court room from now on. I don't think the current members in Congress are interested in passing major laws like they did in the 90s,so do, but not the majority.

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You need to read the 2A again. It doesn't say BARE ARMS. The demonrats or any other politician could really care less if your arms are bare or covered.

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oh, nevermind, it's a rant.

You joined in November, this is your second post. Please break up your letter into some semblance of order (paragraphs, double space etc.). It will make it much more effective.

Good luck!

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The link would not let me in?
OP messed up the link. Try this one:


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Welcome to CG.

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at least the link was a quick read...