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04-16-2011, 4:59 PM
Hello CGN,

I'm looking for someone to PPT me a Draco Pistol, either a brand new one, or one that is in good condition/has low round count. If we meet up, I would like to inspect the gun before buying.

I will give $500 for a brand new or good condition Draco, plus I pay PPT fee. If the Draco comes with extras and or ammo, I will throw in extra cash.

Would like to meet anywhere in OC, at the FFL's OC Armory, Riflegear, or T&A Armory. If you live in the LA area, Ammo Bros. in Cerritos is ok too. Send me pics if you have one to sell, so that I can see the condition without having to meet in person to look. If noone offers me one for sale, I will buy one from an FFL somewhere in the next few days.
Thanks for looking!